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Here at Arta, we realize that only a homeowner fully understands his/ her house and what it needs. That is why we take special care to listen to all our potential clients. We offer a wide range of services that allow you to uniquely customize your cleaning experience and tailor it to the budget you have.

As much as we encourage creativity and customizability, we understand that prospective clients cannot hope to know or understand the full range of services we offer. So, we created an all-encompassing list of services to help speed up the process.


Organizing whole house

Dirt and dust are not the only things that make a house lose all its spark and beauty; a poorly organized home can be just as bad as a poorly maintained one. Here at Arta, we offer an exclusive package that will allow our highly skilled team to lend you their interior designing skills temporarily. This service could include specific instructions that will enable them to materialize your vision accurately, or it could give them general guidelines and leave a lot of the decisions to them. Regardless of what you go with, you will get a clean house with an exciting new look and an even fresher feel.


Residential cleaning

This service allows you to enlist our impressive staff and use their impressive skills to clean and revitalize your home or apartment. As with all our services, the area of the home they clean is entirely up to you, and you can specify everything aside from the quality of their service. With residential cleaning, you could ask for laundry, ironing, and cleaning, and organizing specific areas. The residential package could also include cooking and cleanup, grocery shopping on a daily basis.


Christmas clean up

The Holiday can be an especially messy time of the year. The mountains of plates, wrapping paper, and dirt that come after Christmas day can often be difficult to deal with after such a merry holiday. With Arta Cleaning Services, you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it. Our Christmas clean up service allows you to sit back and relax or spend time with the family without having to go through all the stress of cleaning up. You could opt for whole-house cleaning or preferred area cleaning.


summer cleaning

We all know how hectic summer can be. For everyday job owners, it that time of year where work really picks up. It can be challenging to set time aside for thoroughly cleaning the house in the middle of the busiest time of the year. Our cleaning staffs make sure that you don’t miss out on work or spend any free time you have cleaning instead of spending time with the family.


winter cleaning

In the winter months, most people live a sedentary lifestyle. Dust tends to build up as things slow down a bit. Our winter cleaning service ensures that your home is kept clean and loving all year round. They will deal with all the places you don’t quite have the time to clean and will obey your specific instructions.


appartment cleaning

Although we are a business that values family, we understand the importance of cleanliness regardless of the size of your home. Like with most of our services, you can ask for anything ranging from ironing to even grocery shopping.


office cleaning

Although we almost only deal with homes, our staff can be flexible and accommodate offices and workspaces. They are multi-faceted and can more than meet your specific demands. You could ask for specific parts of the office to be clean, empty the waste bin, and generally anything else that you deem necessary.


Janitorial cleaning

Our experienced staff can handle large scale janitorial work and treat it with the same kind of devotion and care as they would house or apartment. They will clean halls, rooms, and offices at your request and will handle special requests without failure.

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